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Padraignix's InfoSec Blog

Overview and walkthrough of a top 20 finish in the 2021 ICPC Quantum Challenge with a focus on how the challenges were solved and how complexity was reduced.

Overview and walkthrough of Xadanu QHACK 2021 Circuit Training Track. Three challenges, circuit_training 100, 200, 500 increasing in difficulty with a focus on applying QML to train a series of circuits on unknown grading input to within a tolerance.

Overview and walkthrough of IBM Fall 2020 Quantum Final Challenge excercise with a focus on theoretically solving and circuit decomposition for reduced complexity cost. By the end of the improvement iterations the successful circuit resulted in a 12k complexity.

HTB Tabby machine walkthrough. Tabby starts off with careful recon enumeration leveraging local file inclusion to harvest credentials then using those credentials to establish a foothold through Apache manager script usage. User escalation then came through a backup zip file encrypted with the user's system password, gathered by using zip2john. Lastly root privesc was achieved by leveraging LXD system container manager as the regular user was part of the lxd control group. Overall this was a fun box to get back into the swing of things after a couple month hiatus and I learned a few tips and tricks.

Second post covering my personal project of an organization in a box. Based on the initial architecture this article goes over partially setting up the first two authentication servers in the project leveraging MIT Kerberos and NFSv4. These hosts will serve as the core base for the rest of the Org-in-a-Box project and a subsequent post will cover the LDAP and DBIS configuration on these hosts.

Initial post covering my personal project of an organization in a box. Using fundamental open source Identity and Access Management components of an organization in a self-contained box to explore and expand knowledge of those various components. This article will cover the overall architecture and help establish the high level plan moving forward.