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Padraignix's InfoSec Blog

Walkthrough of the two Dreamcast challenges from NorthSec 2020. Starting with a quick overview of the Dreamcast architecture then quickly pivoting into analyzing the provided roms follow along as I cover my approach and solution to the challenges.

Walkthrough of the 6 crackme challenges from NorthSec 2020. With increasing difficulty, and not necessarily with the reversing portion itself, I was able to finish all 6 for my team. Follow along as I step through my solutions and add some personal comments.

Overview and walkthrough of the IBM 4th anniversary Quantum Challenge excercises and my solutions.

HTB Registry machine walkthrough. Working with insecure Docker credentials we manage to extract a SSH key and corresponding password crumbs for an initial user foothold. Following that access we find a sqlite file containing Bolt CMS admin credentials. Logging into the CMS we quickly modify the config file to allow a PHP shell of our choosing to access the host as www-data. Finally once we have www-data access we are able to abuse a restic sudo rule to expose the root flag.

HTB Sniper machine walkthrough. From an initial LFI/RFI foothold within the company website, to abusing malicious Windows help files, Sniper presents the story of a disgruntled developer and their middle finger to the Administrator/CEO on their way out. Sniper was a fun machine with a new angle on the RFI approach I had not used before and allowed me an opportunity to work with CHM files, something I previously also had not done.

HTB Forest machine walkthrough. Forest started with Windows enumeration using SMB and LDAP queries that lead to leveraging a lingering service account with PRE_AUTH disabled for user access. Once on the machine, we were able to abuse the existing Active Directory entitlements to create a malicious user entry with the rights to perform a DCSync using Mimikatz to acquire the Administrator's hash, finally using it to execute a pass-the-hash escalation to Administrator.