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2020 Projects


Essentially this is a wishlist of items I’d like to get completed in 2020 - or later years if I really want to start planning ahead. I started this blog as a way to stay accountable of my efforts by posting updates and ensuring that I keep myself on track. Now I’m taking this a step further and planning out certain efforts ahead of time while I work on them during any rapidly diminishing free time.


A few years ago I went through the CISA certification process. Now I’m challenging myself to get the CISM certification.


The crowning jewel of creating a local infrastructure lab. I am planning on creating a self-contained “Organization” that will touch on the most common components seen - authentication, identity, automation, logging, and security analysis. I plan on starting with a architectural view, planning a round of deliverables and slowly building on it as I am successful. The focus will be not only on the IT aspect of getting it to work but also keeping security in the forefront my mind. Security decisions will be explored and explained.

Emulator Development

This project is a revamp of a 2017 effort I started but never quite completed - a GameBoy emulator. I had originally managed to write a partially working GB emulator in C, however I did not quite sort out sprite issues to make it truly playable.

I want to tackle this projet with a few differences to how I attempted it years ago. Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to explore the Rust language rather than coding it in C once again. Rust was a language I was first introduced to in 2019 and after some background reading I decided I wanted to explore the language a bit further. The emulator project was a perfect project to get dive head first into learning the language.

Instead of starting off directly with a GB emulator I’m planning on approaching this effort in a more progressive manner. Since I do not have a proper background with the Rust language the plan is to start with a simpler Chip8 emulator. This will hopefully allow a more gradual introduction to the Rust language with a “simplified” emulator project that can be expanded to a full GB emulator.